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Crispy Air Fryer Potatoes – How to Use Canned Potatoes

Home canned potatoes can be used for more than just adding to stews and making mash potatoes. Their pre-cooked consistency lends itself perfectly to an easy side dish. Soft and fluffy in the middle with a crunchy coating this recipe is a fantastic way to use up some canned potatoes.

Canned Potatoes

I often use the air fryer for this recipe (especially in the summer to avoid warming the house with the oven) but it also possible to put them on a baking sheet and get the same result. Check out the blog on how to over roast your canned potatoes for similar results here.

Home Canned Potatoes

I am so proud of the fact I grew and harvested my first batch of potatoes last year. Potatoes are by far the easiest crop I have grown to date. Plop them in the ground, make sure they get adequate water and couple months later you get back tenfold what you put in. Seriously if you have a large bucket, old t-shirt, basically anything that can hold dirt together you should try growing your own.

For canning the best type of potato to use is a waxy potato. Think Yukon, Fingerling, New and Red. They hold up better to the canning process. Starchy potatoes will leave you with a cloudy liquid as the starches leach out of the potato. Feel free to use stock instead of water to add extra flavor to your potatoes. Adding stock will also make an easy base for soups.

The National Center for Home Food Preservation outlines the process of canning your own potatoes here.

Kick up the Flavor

These guys are pretty good on their own with just a little bit of salt and pepper. However, if you’d like to take them up a notch add some grated parmesan and a dash of garlic powder at the end. Lemon Pepper or Italian herbs is another great option.

Crispy Air Fryer Potatoes – How to Use Canned Potatoes

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Prep time


Cooking time




  • 2 Pint Jars or 1 Quart jar of Canned Potatoes (or what fits into your air fryer)

  • 2-3 Tablespoon preferred oil

  • Salt


  • Pre-heat air fryer to 400 degrees
  • Open up the jars of potatoes and drain using a colander before laying out on some paper towels. Gently blot excess moisture or allow to air dry for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Place potatoes in a large bowl and pour oil over and gently toss to coat. Add a little salt and toss to coat
  • Place potatoes in the basket of the air fryer in an even layer. Cook for 10 minutes before tossing gently. Repeat until potatoes are crispy brown and golden brown. Mine usually take about 25 minutes
  • Return to bowl and toss with any additional seasonings. Lemon Pepper, Italian herbs, or finely grated parmesan with a little garlic powder
  • Enjoy!

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