How to make Bovre – Homemade Cheese Pt. 3

If you have been following along on this little adventure into cheese making you should at this point have some delicious Bovre cheese! It’s wonderful as is, but to really pack a punch and compete with the store bought brands we need to talk about flavorings. I love to come up with my own flavorings, […]

How to Make Bovre – Homemade Cheese Pt. 2

Ready to Eat Bovre

In part one of making Bovre, I showed you how to heat your milk, add culture and determine when the curds were ready to drain. In Pt 2 we will look at how to drain the curds, salt them and the options available for shaping and aging. Draining the Bovre Curds How long you drain […]

How to make Bovre – Homemade Cheese Pt. 1

Bovre on Sourdough Toast

When it comes to making homemade cheese, Bovre is about as easy as it gets. Bovre, the cow’s milk version of Chevre, is a soft, slightly tangy cheese that is easy to spread over toasted bread or crackers. This cheese also lends itself to a variety of additional flavors both savory and sweet, and pairs […]