Homemade Breakfast Sausage – How to Make You Own

Ingredients for Homemade Breakfast Sausage

Taste Testing Recipes In this weeks video we have a great time trying out breakfast sausage recipes from our favorite youtube chefs. The variety of flavors, spices and additives gave us a lot to think about when it came time to develop our own recipe! Schraver’s taste buds are finely tuned to the familiar, which […]

Fresh and Easy Mango Salsa – Great for Canning

Never Look a Gift Fruit in the Pit Who goes to a whiskey distillery tasting and walks away with a ripe mango? I did. That would be me. Schraver has been working with a local distillery here in WV and we stopped by so I could try some of their excellent libations (seriously, I’m not […]

Mushrooms – How to Pressure Can Your Own At Home

Homemade Canned Mushrooms

Let Me Tell You about a Fungi I Know.. Okay, I know that’s a terrible pun to open this blog post with, and I’ll probably wake in the night haunted by the groan of readers as they stumble upon the travesty that is my opening heading, but ce la vie! Seriously though, mushrooms have finally […]

Canning Orange Slices – A Quick and Easy How To Guide

Canned Oranges

Winter Citrus There’s nothing quite like the bright fresh flavor of orange and pineapple to make you think of hot summer days enjoying a Tiki drink by the poolside. Citrus always tastes of summer, even when it’s 20 degrees or below outside. I’m not a huge fan of spreads, jams and jellies, I use them […]

Preserving Pineapple Chunks – Canning How To Guide

Pineapple Chunks

Winter Canning Don’t let the lack of garden harvests fool you into thinking your canning days are over until spring. Winter is a great opportunity to clean out the freezer, can easy meals/sides (like beans) and keeping an eye on the local grocery ads for savings. My local Aldi has had pineapple on sale for […]