How to Make Sweet Cherry Amaretto Jam

Sweet Cherry Amaretto Jam

Back to back cherry recipes, what can I say? It’s cherry season and I love cherries. This recipe is absolutely delicious and one of my favorites. My Sweet Cherry Amaretto Jam is a popular friend and family request as gifts, and it’s easy to taste way. It’s absolutely worthy of the praise, sweet with a […]

How to Make Sweet Cherry Limeade Concentrate

Cherry Limeade

Cherry Limeade Cherry season is here and it is time to make one of my favorite concentrates! I love cherries and my cherry limeade concentrate disappeared so quickly last year it’s been a trial to wait for cherries to be in season to restock. I don’t currently grow my own cherries so I keep an […]

Lemon Curd – How to Water Bath Can this Zesty Sweet Treat

Lemon Curd

What is Lemon Curd? Lemon curd is a sweet and tangy treat that is great addition to add to your shelf of preserves. I love the taste of lemons, especially when this recipe is the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Add as a filling to your next batch of cupcakes or spread it on […]

One Pan Shakshuka – Easy Weekday Meals from the Pantry

Bowl of Shakshuka

We are big fans of breakfast for dinner in our household but finding something outside of the normal carb, eggs, bacon routine that both Schraver and I like (and was easy enough to throw together on a weeknight) took some time. Don’t get me wrong I’ll never turn down a waffle, but sometimes I just […]

How to Make Easy Sourdough Crackers (Rosemary, Cheese and Everything Bagel)

Sourdough Crackers

Millions of natural yeasts worked hard to create the unique flavor profile that is specific to your sourdough starter, it’d be a shame to waste all that effort! This recipe for sourdough crackers is as easy as it gets, and lets you use the discard from feeding your sourdough starter to make a variety of […]

Classic Spicy Pickled Okra

Spicy Pickled Okra Ingredients

A paleolithic monster taking over a corner of my garden is not what I was expecting when I planted my first Okra seeds. I knew what the pods looked like, but somehow all my research had failed to prepare me for what would end up being the largest plant I would grow in my garden […]